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24,000 & 1 Kilometers

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. – Mae West Ladies, Gentleman, it is with great pleasure and a good amount of delay that I am proud to announce that the 4by4.org has completed its mission.  24,001 kilometers, 529+ hours behind the wheel, 6 countries, 2 oceans, 1 continent, from the […]

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Stage C, Part II The MOVIE!

Well worth the wait, here is the second installment of stage C, still staring Christy! Features include 4by4’s first attempt at rhyming, the systematic critique and subsequent dismisal of a Chilean Ferry and of course, the escape from Aysen and the “Troubles!”   Enjoy!

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Babe Listed In “Stable” Condition After Taking Contact

12-May-2012, Chivay, Peru.  Babe is listed as stable after taking a rock in the windshield at 1700hrs. The crew stabilized babe at the location with an emergency field perforation of the windshield, allowing the crew to attempt to move Babe to better facilities. The situation deteriorated when the only bridge available turned out to be […]

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Stage C, The Movie, Part-I

So its been a while since our last movie… Yeah Zach, what gives? So ok guys, I know its tough to understand, but you got to believe that this trip has been heating up.  And with more heat there has been more and more action.  More and more action means longer movies and less time […]

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Babe Rescues Mika From Acute Mountain Sickness via Bolivia’s Infamous Highway of Death. You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

La Paz, Bolivia – Jeremey Clarkson dubbed it “the world’s highest, and worst, capital.”   Mika arrived from Tokyo (Elevation 10 mRem) at 5:15am.  She was feeling great and was glad that all the concerns about altitude sickness were unfounded… By 10 am the 12,000′ elevation had taken its toll and she was in bed with a headache […]

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Babe Survives Carretera Austral, Crew as well!

Greetings from the Island of Chiloe, Chile.  A quick note to let you all know that we not only completed, but also survived the Carretera Austral through Chilean Patagonia.   Here are some pics and anecdotes to prove it!                        

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Babe Survives Flooding

I arrived today in Punta Arenas which has just been hit by days of continuous rain and is currently underwater.  Fotunately Babe was parked high and mostly dry in the SLB base in Punta Arenas   http://en.mercopress.com/2012/03/13/exceptional-rainfall-and-flash-floods-leave-punta-arenas-under-water   Babe was happy to see me and started first time.  We are currently in Punta Arenas and […]

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Stage-A, The MOVIE!

So here it is, the video montage the proves that we did at least some of what we said we would do.  Stage A featured the esteemed Lilian Wohl on 2,500 kilometer drive from Buenos Aires Argentina to Barioche, in the Alps. We battled 100+ heat, 90km headwinds and lots of volcanic dust pouring across […]

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Where your money is going…

WARNING: this post doesn’t contain any “Zach, what in the hell were you thinking?” moments.  It does, however, let you know what all of your donations are up to. While most of you may imagine a nonprofit workday resembling the picture at left, it’s not 100% accurate.  Here at Relief Labs, we are really grateful […]

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Una Prueba (Captain’s Challenge #1)

Hello all. I am not in South America. Quite the opposite, actually. But like you* I’ve invested time, (mental) energy, and money into this incredible adventure – and harbor a healthy suspicion that the Captain is planning to run away, marry into a tribe deep within the Amazonian jungle, and retrofit Babe to navigate rivers. […]

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